Welcome to 2017!

Jan 3, 2017 | Example, News

New Year, New Horizons


A New Year, a new start and a new machine for us here at Asgard. We took delivery the last week before Christmas of a brand new STAR Micronics SB12-R Type G sliding-head lathe. Yes – maybe it was a bit of a crazy thing to do just before the shut-down but we managed it and the new baby was joined in the new Alexandra Street factory by two of it’s older and bigger siblings. That is to say 2 x SR32J STAR machines. The commissioning of the new machine will be done before the end of January and the addition of this new turning centre brings the total number of our machines up to 8 now; of which 7 are sliding-heads. Over the years, we have seen the demand for much smaller and more complex parts increase, hence our decision to purchase the smaller diameter machine. Where, previously the SB16 was our smallest diameter machine, it is now the SB12R-G that takes that crown!

This newest addition to our plant list ensures that we continue to be ready for the future and look for further growth this year and beyond.

Images from top to bottom: 1)  Steve Irving – Asgard Senior Engineer, “I’m sure there was a machine here before”  2) Two of STAR Micronics’ finest assist with the move  3)  “Room for one more?  Or possibly even two??  Possibly room in here for another five!”  4)  Jon Hampton – Asgard Senior Engineer (and Bonnie); making the final adjustments to the compressed air line

Small but perfectly formed


With an amazing amount of flexibility for tooling, the new SB12 can pack in 23 tool-stations (front and rear combined) to produce intricate and superbly accurate pieces in one cycle, without the need for any secondary operations, which can be time consuming and of course, expensive. With our experienced team of engineers and know-how, we can get the most out of all of our machines and can use them to deliver the very highest quality of service and the very best quality of turned parts from our factory in North West England.

Not even the weather could prevent Asgard from increasing their capacity in January


with the delivery of another 32J Sliding-head lathe from STAR Micronics. This machine came complete with high-pressure coolant system and further increases the machine capacity to 7; of which 6 are STAR sliding-heads.