Reactive Metals

Columbium +1% Zirconium

Application & Characteristics 
Used for nuclear reactors, missiles and aircraft. Has good strength at high temperatures and is more easily welded than Columbium.
Chemical Composition (%)
Zr 0.8-1.2; Balance Cb
Physical Properties
Melting Range (°F)4350
Density (lbs/in³) 68F0.31
Thermal Expansion (in/in °Fx10 to the power of -6)–
Electrical Resistivity (ohms/cir mil/ft.) 68F–
Mechanical Properties – Temper = A
Tensile Strength (psi x 10³)48
Yield Strength (psi x 10³)40
Elongation ( % )30
Hardness65 (VHN)
Mechanical Properties – Temper = H
Tensile Strength (psi x 10³)90
Yield Strength (psi x 10³)80
Elongation ( % )5
Hardness140 (VHN)

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