In from the cold

by | Dec 6, 2016 | News

Not even the weather could prevent Asgard from increasing their capacity in January, with the delivery of another 32J Sliding-head lathe from STAR Micronics. This machine came complete with high-pressure coolant system and further increases the machine capacity to 7; of which 6 are STAR sliding-heads.

Room to Grow

In addition to the new equipment – further expansion plans are well in hand too, as an adjoining factory unit is being purchased and will provide the space for much needed growth over the coming years.
As Asgard continues to gain recognition for high quality work in the manufacture of Precision CNC components, they have been looking at ways of growing their business organically and are now at the next phase in that development cycle. Watch this space for more updates!

Eye for Detail

Asgard are involved in several exciting projects at present in highly demanding Orthopaedic, Ophthalmic, Cardiology and non-medical applications in the areas of dispense and high-pressure regulation and flow control, particularly in extreme and hazardous environments.

Anything but Standard

Asgard are stainless steel specialists and have also mastered component manufacturing in challenging materials such as Inconel® and Titanium. With the capability to produce parts down to below 0.5mm diameter with complex features, including angled holes, makes them the partner of choice in Precision CNC turning!