Trochoidal Milling

Trochoidal Milling is a revolutionary process pioneered to replace slot sawing and offer a cleaner, sharper and more efficient part to our customer.

After making these parts using the slot sawing technique, we knew there would be a better way to make them – so we found it!


Asgard are committed to finding new solutions to age-old problems, and pioneering new and innovative processes in order to produce a part with the closest tolerances,the best surface finish and as efficiently as possible. Before Trochoidal Milling, the only way to machine an aperture like this was to use slotting saws; a process which hadn’t changed much since the 19th century. Here at Asgard, we wanted to use a revolutionary new method, which put less stress on the cutting tips, and produced a much cleaner and sharper end result.

Trochoidal milling takes advantage of a spiral tooth path, combined with a low radial depth of cut and a high axial depth of cut, which results in a machined slot wider than the cutting tool’s diameter – and puts a lot less wear on the cutting tool. The lower radial depth of cut means the entire length of the cutting edge can be used, which distributes heat and wear uniformly across the cutting edge. This means we can also increase the cutting tool’s speed, and minimises the amount of passes required, which greatly reduces cycle time. We can use the same cutting tool for several various sizes of cut, for parts that require more than one size of cut – which means less tool heads are required when setting up the machine. And the results speak for themselves!

Last time we made these parts (pictured below) we used conventional slot saws, and they worked, as the method has for hundreds of years – but they were slow and the quality of the cut wasn’t as good as it could be. Now we have developed Trochoidal Milling, we have been able to share the gains with the customer, and offer a repeat-order at a more competitive price, but with greater accuracy and a much better finished product. This is another example of Asgard Engineering using new processes to make your parts to the highest quality and standard, whilst maintaining our competitive edge. Another competitive quote, another happy customer, and less retooling time and part cycle time on the shop floor means we can meet your delivery expectations and ensure the parts are finished to the highest quality.

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