Turning it on in 2018

Most people around this time of year are thinking about the
star that’s going to go on top of their tree! (or maybe you
prefer an Angel?) but here at Asgard, we have just added yet
another STAR (Micronics) sliding-head lathe to our suite and
the SR-20J is up and running (earning it’s keep) in factory 2
already! As always; any capital purchases are driven by our
customers and the range of “core” diameter sizes that we are
processing and forecasted to produce, thus ensuring we are
(hopefully) never “starved” of a any particular manufacturing
resource. A true balancing act! and one which is always in
discussion as we continue to grow.

Always Under Pressure

The new SR-20J, just like the rest of our most recent STAR
sliding-head purchases, comes complete with a high-pressure
coolant system. We see this as an essential piece of ancillary
equipment and have seen fit to retro-fit HPC to several of our
current machines. It gives us the ability to process parts with
deeper holes and bores with greater efficiency and has
opened the door to the possibility of “gun-drilling” in-house,
rather than subcontracting out and thus be able to better
control and monitor the process.